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Nolan O'Rear

What is your college level and major?

"I am currently a junior majoring in accounting and finance and minoring in business analytics."

Where are you from?

"I am originally from Naperville, Illinois."

Why did you join 40TUDE?

"I joined 40TUDE because it gave me the opportunity to gain relevant career experience and help DeKalb businesses all while getting paid. I have cherished this opportunity because it is much more meaningful and challenging to me than any regular part-time job I would have otherwise had."

What is your favorite part about working with the team?

"My favorite part by far has been interacting with our clients. It is inspirational working with small business owners around DeKalb. I see how much they have invested in their businesses and what a huge role they play in providing jobs, goods, and services for DeKalb. It has meant a lot for me to help these business owners in any way I can."

What skills have you learned while being on the 40TUDE team?

"I learned many skills while in 40TUDE ranging from website development to Google Analytics. I learned how to build a website using both Jekyll and WordPress. This experience was challenging and rewarding since it was a learn-as-you-go process as opposed to traditional textbook learning. I also learned how to use other technology to enhance website effectiveness such as Google Analytics and Hotjar. These tools showed me how important analyzing data is to ensuring website success."

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Nolan O'Rear

“My experience in 40TUDE has opened my eyes to how important online presence is for small businesses. The best part of this experience has been helping small businesses surrounding NIU with their online presence via social media and website design. I learned new skills, such as website design using Jekyll and WordPress, in addition to learning how to implement Scrum. Using the Scrum process showed me how important processes are to a team’s successes. Being a part of 40TUDE has taught me what it takes for a business team to succeed!

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