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Nolan O'Rear

“My experience in 40TUDE has opened my eyes to how important online presence is for small businesses. The best part of this experience has been helping small businesses surrounding NIU with their online presence via social media and website design. I learned new skills, such as website design using Jekyll and WordPress, in addition to learning how to implement Scrum. Using the Scrum process showed me how important processes are to a team’s successes. Being a part of 40TUDE has taught me what it takes for a business team to succeed!

Next semester, I will be working full-time as an audit intern at Tighe, Kress & Orr in Elgin. The following summer, I will work as an audit intern at BDO in Chicago. I will graduate in May of 2022 and complete the CPA exam shortly thereafter.”

Krystal Hegg

“My time in 40TUDE provided me with a lot of hands-on experience using web development tools such as WordPress and the static-site generator Jekyll. I would have never experienced using these tools for a client if it were not for 40TUDE. While working with these tools, I also got the chance to experience incredible teamwork while following the Scrum framework.

My time in 40TUDE this past semester has been an eye-opening experience to see the challenges that small businesses face. It is one thing to hear the challenges of start-ups and small businesses, but it is another to work directly with them and help improve those challenges. If your business decides to work with 40TUDE, you will not be disappointed.

Next semester I will be have an accounting internship with Wipfli LLP. The following summer, I will be a tax intern for Crowe LLP. I will graduate with my Master’s in Taxation in December of 2022.”

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