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Krystal Hegg

What is your college level and major?

"I am currently a senior majoring in accounting and minoring in business analytics."

Where are you from?

"I am originally from Rockford, Illinois."

Why did you join 40TUDE?

"I joined 40TUDE in my first semester as a senior. I had originally been looking for a new job, and my old professor, Federico Bassetti, reached out with this amazing opportunity to help the community that I couldn't pass up. 40TUDE is so much more than just a "job" because we help small businesses in our community who are struggling due to the pandemic." I used to volunteer frequently to give back to my community. I had to stop volunteering once I started college because I had too many school demands to juggle along with working. When Federico reached out about working for 40TUDE and simultaneously helping the community, I had to apply.

What is your favorite part about working with the team?

"I have had many poor team experiences throughout my college career, so I know a good team when I see one. The thing that stands out most about 40TUDE, besides everyone actually doing their work, is the level of communication with low barriers. I never had a moment where I felt I couldn't reach out to another team member with any questions or concerns. I have never experienced that in a team to the extent that I have with 40TUDE."

What skills have you learned while being on the 40TUDE team?

"I had the great experience of learning Jekyll, a static-site generator, and WordPress, a popular website making software. It was a struggle at first because I had never done any coding or website design before 40TUDE, so these tools were completely new to me. After some practice and help from my teammates, I felt comfortable editing code and changing website layouts."

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What is your college level and major?

"I am currently a junior majoring in accounting and finance and minoring in business analytics."

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