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Building a website can be a daunting task for anyone starting a small business. WordPress offers a simple solution to this problem. WordPress has many different payment plans with endless options. WordPress can meet the needs of a novice or facilitate eCommerce for more established enterprises. The 40TUDE team offers WordPress website builds for small businesses because editing content and adding features is simple.


There are many options to choose from when utilizing WordPress. A free WordPress plan gives users a functioning domain and site. The personal plan gives users a customizable domain and full email support. The premium plan gives users advanced design support and Google Analytics capability. The business plan gives users 200 GB of media storage and access to custom plugins. The eCommerce plan gives users eCommerce integration. All these account options ensure that users can select a plan that meets their needs and budget.


Editing using WordPress is simple. There is no need to learn how to insert code into the site; however, that is an option if needed. Users can edit text by clicking directly on the text blocks and can insert or change images using the same process.

Users can also add or remove pages easily and create blog posts. These blog posts can be scheduled and also connected to the user’s Facebook or Instagram page.


Plugins are additional features that can be added to a site. Popular plugins can perform tasks such as eCommerce integration, form generation, search engine optimization, and sending newsletters. To add plugins, a user must have a business or eCommerce plan.

The 40TUDE team utilizes WordPress for website building because the features, different plans, and simple editing process make it a perfect fit for business owners of all sizes and levels of technological knowledge.


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